Notification: New guidelines for COVID-19

The OSMI clinic will be re-opening back to normal operating hours as of Monday May 25, 2020

Patients must arrive alone unless they need a parent, worker or chaperone to bring them to their appointment. Patients are encouraged to bring and wear their own mask if they have one, and must adhere to social distancing.

Ultrasound: These are scheduled appointments only. Patients will be asked to wait in their cars and arrive at their scheduled appointment time.

X-Ray:  Requisitions for x-ray must be faxed by the patient’s care-provider.  Patients may drop by to see if it is not busy, or may sit in their car and call (519-376-2000) to be given directions to come and have their x-ray done.  We only have room for 3 patients in the waiting room at a time.

Please note we are not imaging patients with respiratory infectious symptoms. We kindly request these patients proceed to a nearby hospital for imaging.

ultrasound image

Exam preparation

Please remove jewelry and piercings prior to your visit. Please wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed if necessary for your examination. Please do not bring valuable objects or documents with you to Owen Sound Medical Imaging.

No specific preparation is required for x-rays. Please contact us prior to your exam with us if you are also scheduled for any other examination requiring oral or rectal barium at a local hospital or clinic.

1) Preparation for Abdominal Ultrasound, including Vascular Ultrasound:

  • Nothing to eat or drink except clear fluids after midnight before your examination.

2) Preparation for Abdomen and Pelvic Ultrasound:

  • Nothing to eat or drink except clear fluids after midnight before your examination
  • Drink 3 glasses of water 1 hour before your examination and arrive with a full bladder.

3) Preparation for Pelvic or Obstetrical Ultrasound

  • You may eat and drink normally before your examination
  • In addition, drink 3 glasses of water 1 hour prior to your examination, and arrive with a full bladder.

4) No preparation is required for Thyroid, Soft Tissue or Musculoskeletal Ultrasound examination.

Pelvic ultrasound examinations for men, women and children require that you have a full bladder at the start of your procedure.

Pelvic ultrasound examinations for females sometimes require that scanning occur both through the lower abdomen and also with a probe inserted in the vagina. If a trans-vaginal scan is required, it will only be performed with your consent, and always with a female staff member in attendance.