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Working with Brightshores Health System (BHS)

One of the problems for most private clinics is being able to provide patients and referring Health Practitioners with the images obtained from a visit to an outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Clinic.

We are the first private Diagnostic Imaging Clinic in Canada to be integrated with our local hospital through its Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS). This means that any image produced at Owen Sound Medical Imaging is available to any physician at any of the hospital sites of Brightshores Health System in Owen Sound, Markdale, Meaford, Southampton, Wiarton, and Lions Head through the PACS at BHS. Similarly, any examination performed at any of the sites of Brightshores is visible at Owen Sound Medical Imaging. We have a robust and fast internet connection that allows us to communicate with BHS.

Therefore, we can help in reducing the long lines and waits for patients attending out-patient orthopedic clinics at the hospitals, by performing these examinations one or two days before your clinic appointment at the hospital. Your images will be of the same high quality as the hospital images, and will be fully visible to your surgeons in the hospitals at the time of your orthopedic clinic appointment.

This integration is only possible because of the vision and cooperation of the entire staff at Brightshores Health System and Owen Sound Medical Imaging, and dedication to our Patients First philosophy.

This integration was generously sponsored by the South West Regional Digital Imaging Project. We believe it is the wave of the future, and that integration of private clinic images with public hospital PACS throughout Canada will be of great benefit to patients.